Why do artists on SC always do things like this? That and following a bunch of sideM fanartists has made me amazingly trigger-happy with youtube-dl and ank lol

I guess I was right to rip that yeongrak show, it's gone now :|

Died on lair 6 and pretty sick of Crawl, so gonna cut it there

ffs did I really just get acquirement before any remove curse

crawl.berotato.org:8080/#watch gonna play out this VSMo and try something else after -- maybe OpTm?

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Supposedly "organic" too (which I don't really care about but vOv)

This kabusecha is pretty good for how little it cost

that's the wrong vis but I'm just leaving it

Of course it shouldn't be randomly choking sometimes, -but-

soundcloud.com/yeonglag/no-tim I know I post a lot of yeongrak, but I want to put this on speakers at deafening volume so badly

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fundamental problem with instance blocks that depend on aesthetics and hearsay: if you present as left-wing and inclusive you can get away with anything, including actual abuse, but if you're into touhou and say slightly the wrong thing you can get suspended by a major instance without warning i guess.
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