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I also got a very good impression of Dr Rodriguez, so if anyone is looking for a vaginoplasty with a low wait time, drop Brownstein and Crane a line. I got this consult scheduled on a month's notice.


Flying to another city in the morning and then right back home that evening is a perfectly normal thing to do for a perfectly normal doctor's appointment, right?

It's too early and I need to pre-assemble the list of questions I'm going to ask

Misgendering, gambling adjacent 

My grandboss is a semi-pro poker player, and runs poker nights for the team every few weeks (no real money involved, this isn't Microsoft). Tonight he misgendered me multiple times, including after corrections, though he at least had the decency to be ashamed about it.

Then I won a few hands and took most of his stack, and he got pretty visibly tilted, so I think all told I came out ahead.

Blatant subtoot 

That moment when you've been interacting with someone on Mastodon and someone at work for so long and in such ways that it's now super extra awkward to ask if they're actually the same person or just some weird coincidence

Hey fediverse, who can I follow for some Wholesome Gay Shit™?

Hair removal, genital mention 

Up all night to get plucky

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Hair removal, genital mention 

Also I'm awake before any sign of dawn in order to go get my balls zapped, so that's fun

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Hair removal 

Ugh I've got morning-after laserface and I hate it so much

19 days until doggo
Potential names:
Keep Penny

Fine. I got up. But I put together the most fuck-you outfit I could for the day. (distant eye contact)

Uspol, mh, -- 

Welp there's the despair hole. Cool. I'll drag myself out eventually, it'll be okay. I have a nosy orange cat to keep my company.

Uspol adjacent I guess? Eye contact 

Not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning. Apparently my first reaction is to mess around with filters.

Alcohol, npr shitpost 

A search for that phrase in quotes gives no results and somehow I'm even more upset now

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Alcohol, npr shitpost 

My next batch of honey is shipping soon from an apiary in Minnesota and that mead is going to be called Booze from Lake Wobegon and I am so angry at my brain right now

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re: Alcohol 

@memnus No, you have created the meads of UBI -Universal Basic Intoxication!

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