@starkatt they were both on the counter, it was worth a try

The tequila kinda overpowers but the mead smooths it out a bunch


Mead and tequila... not actually the worst combination somehow?

yay minor mh stuff (-) 

@tisiphone oh look it's my life

You can reply to any of my toots if, in return, you let me reply to yours 😉

Doing most of my fediversing from these days, so maybe if you haven't refill owed me over there or accepted my follow request from there you should do that

I'm also kind of the only one on the local timeline which is maybe a bit weird?

@Kyresti @Oneironott The most common sentiment I've been seeing is "oh, you walked out? Now if you Actually Cared (TM) you'd just keep walking", which, uh.

@tastymochafox right on, right there with you ✊

... what are you up to this afternoon?


@emanate no, this was Dzul in Belltown. I was already in the chair when someone I met at DefCon walked in


That hilarious moment when all of the patrons at the tattoo shop are transgender infosec professionals

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Getting my wrist fixed and apparently I forgot that this kinda sucks!

We owe far more to the future than we do to the past.

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