Fine. I got up. But I put together the most fuck-you outfit I could for the day. (distant eye contact)

Uspol adjacent I guess? Eye contact 

Not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning. Apparently my first reaction is to mess around with filters.


TFW you may have seized the meads of production a little too enthusiastically

Not sure I'm feeling today. Slick camera tricks on my work phone, though. (Selfie, eye contact)

Is this the first canonically queer minifig? Or did one of the queer comic characters get printed first?

I don't think this is meant to be genitals but y'all have ruined me, food adj 

(jean penise's)

Yes I would like my hair to do this all the time, thanks (eye contact, nude implied, not meant to be lewd)

I'm sure this will be a quiet flight, except for that little thing there

Meanwhile I'm over here making Inkscape cry. Even the cats have decided I'm too boring so they should cuddle each other instead.

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