Fine. I got up. But I put together the most fuck-you outfit I could for the day. (distant eye contact)

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Hrm, I need to burn almost an hour between downtown and Capitol Hill

The existential dread of a Bed Bath & Beyond going-out-of-business sale

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PSA, if you use Signal to get in touch with me, you'll get a warning that my safety number has changed. That is expected behavior.

Apparently it's just terrifying for me to use a phone without a case now.

Obligatory first selfies with the new phone. (Cat, eye contact)

Looks like tonight is for Hardware Store Adventures. I need a pile of doorknobs and a hedge trimmer.

Ah jeez nobody in this podcast knows how to pronounce Samhain

Oh hey, happy 10th birthday to Android I guess. Damn but it's been a weird ten years.

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