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Brye Claire 🌻

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Well that's new

The bus driver just ... left the bus at the stop and ran into a cafe to get food

Came out with his meal, got back behind the wheel, and we drove off like it's no big deal (rhyming totally accidental)

Are the working conditions for KC Metro bus drivers so bad that that's necessary?

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Today's gender is "crumbling the lines and boundaries between various categories beyond any hope of recognition"

Scruffy selfie. Tried some aggressive hair brushing but may have gone too far. (eye contact, lens flare)

LB: 🚨 New instance is open! 🚨 is now open for new registration. A focus-built instance for players and fans of Magic: The Gathering (), we aim to foster a friendly and inclusive environment.

Why do not-actually-Secret Projects have thermodynamic constraints on how quickly I can work on them??

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Oh look, an advertising and marketing account on the fediverse. Just because it's on switter, an instance that fills an important and necessary role, doesn't mean it won't block it.

At least it's honest.