the speed of shitposting on this site is incredible

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@mcmansionhell you're not a professional shitposter until you have an animated avatar AND profile header

@mcmansionhell i feel like a hacker using the multi column layout and it owns

@mcmansionhell completely decentralized shitposting is the realized dream of the internet

@mcmansionhell "...Live your life in real time -- live and suffer directly on-screen. Think in real time -- your thought is immediately encoded by the computer. Make your revolution in real time -- not in the street, but in the recording studio......Nothing escapes this. There is always a hidden camera somewhere. You can be filmed without knowing it. You can be called to act it all out again for any of the TV channels..."

--jean baudrillard, the perfect crime, 26

theory shitpost for my day

@mcmansionhell the libs and nazis aren't here, theres no friction, its just all shitpost

its beautiful

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