@max @brandon wait BOTH of you tooting! at the same time 👀 it's a miracle

@tcql @max The internets move in mysterious ways. I learned that from Bono.

@max he takes a whiskey drink. he takes a lager drink. he takes a cider drink. he takes a vodka drink.

@max depends on what you are looking for.

Drink and Eastern Standard are great bars if you are looking for expert mixologists. Of course they are a bit on the expensive side.



Next up are the wine bars, Irish bars, college bars, townie bars... also what neighborhood?

@Thehatter I'm in east Boston rn. Kinda just looking for something chill with craft beers or maybe a cocktail. I liked Drink last time I was there but I don't think I did it right...

@max sorry, I don't know many places around there. good luck.

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