Cool, my FICO score went up!

AKA, playing a game with banks that nobody signed up for that determines what fraction of my income I have to forfeit to live in an overpriced house or go into credit card debt.

Whoo capitalism.

This one was HARD.

#102 X/6 (97%)

We also took down another one that was very unhealthy

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Our trees died in the freeze last year. Today we said goodbye.

Our new evening ritual: I read mythology books out loud to help my wife sleep.

Bonus: I get to learn mythology!

And that's another publication day in the books. Whew! Gonna sleep in and veg in front of the TV tomorrow.

Publication day comes twice a month at my job, and it's always a matter of waiting patiently for my proofreaders to finish my pieces while I watch youtube or play video games. I'm stuck at the computer, so I feel no guilt, lol.

Late night work session wroth my hirsute coworker, The Dread Pirate Kitten Mary Crickett (or Crickett, as she prefers).

Oh heck I got wrangled into the bird site for a while, but I found my way back


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