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*in this toot I am part of a Van Halen parody band that exclusively sings about outdated electric vehicle charging technologies*

🎵 CHAdeMO 🎵

In honor of Le Tour, gonna watch the little known sequel

Air Bud: In The Paw-Lawton

I wasn't expecting a Games Done Quick Zelda speedrun to leave me in tears, but here we are.

When a very specific number of bluejays arrives at your birdfeeder......... that's Corvid-19

Imagine you click the "Toot!" button, and suddenly Megalovania starts playing

Who’s writing good contemporary thrillers? I tried out a Jack Reacher novel but came away unimpressed, way too much time in the weeds about soft nose ammunition and other “tactical” details I have no interest in

I speak on behalf of all cats everywhere to LET US SLEEP IN THE UNDERWEAR DRAWER‼️

What’s the best name for a donut shop started by an ex-FB employee

My employer’s twitter spoiled today's Wordle, wth

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