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Who’s writing good contemporary thrillers? I tried out a Jack Reacher novel but came away unimpressed, way too much time in the weeds about soft nose ammunition and other “tactical” details I have no interest in

I speak on behalf of all cats everywhere to LET US SLEEP IN THE UNDERWEAR DRAWER‼️

What’s the best name for a donut shop started by an ex-FB employee

My employer’s twitter spoiled today's Wordle, wth

Right Track, Wrong Station: KarTrak, an innovation originally built for the rail system, was quickly discarded by train operators. But without it, we wouldn’t have modern barcodes.

#longreads #history

@mattdsteele you don't have to rebuild your followers anymore

Since everyone's focused their attention here again, maybe someone can help explain why folks move their account across instances? Is it usually social (e.g. disagreement with federation/moderation policies)? Or technical (scalability)?

I like the idea conceptually, but the real-world downsides of having to rebuild your followers feels like a pretty significant practical barrier.

Vicious conditions for Iowa Wind and Rock this year. 80% the reason I’ve shifted to Gravel Worlds long distance attempts is to avoid the gnarly weather Midwestern springs can throw at you.

*squats down, smells the ground* A great battle occurred here… the clown insurgency is growing more and more emboldened

No one liked my Severance references in the work chat, guess I’m not getting any fingertraps this quarter

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