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Vicious conditions for Iowa Wind and Rock this year. 80% the reason I’ve shifted to Gravel Worlds long distance attempts is to avoid the gnarly weather Midwestern springs can throw at you.

*squats down, smells the ground* A great battle occurred here… the clown insurgency is growing more and more emboldened

No one liked my Severance references in the work chat, guess I’m not getting any fingertraps this quarter

This is a really great listen:

A few fun things:
- Solar powered server running in someone’s apartment at two nines uptime!
- When a data center’s cooling fails, it can create weather in the server room. Clouds in The Cloud!

Ah damn Twitter drama again, does that mean I should be shitposting more or less on here

The current joke numbers are done. We’re all going to rally around John Cage from now on.

If you lived here, you’d be home by now. But you never signed the lease documents, so we’ve let another family move in

Stood back up a serverless app to track ridership at local mountain bike trails, using Strava data:

UI's built with and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to upgrade to 1.0, given it was sitting on the shelf for 2 years!

A sci-fi dystopia where all currency is crypto, you forget your wallet at dinner, and have to pay for your dinner by calculating hashes back in the kitchen :-[

We Don’t Talk About Bruce Willis’s Singing Career

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