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How do you setup alarms on your phone?

I have a single alarm and just edit the time, but apparently everyone around me has dozens of entries with different times, and enables the one with the time they want, or create a new entry.


Just found out a teammate acquired covid a couple weeks ago. It was 4 days after getting her first shot. Went bar hopping with some friends, and almost of them got infected.

Stay smart out there y’all.

Here’s a I discovered to help ensure folks keep appropriate distance at the grocery store:

I was being given a nice wide berth while at Aldi. No one was reaching past me to grab stuff, it was great.

Only after checking out did I realize I had been wearing my bike helmet inside the whole time.

Exciting day! The new release of #Owncast is out! This release allows you to completely configure and manage your server via the web, making changes and customization faster and easier.

It also, for the first time, allows for you to build your own integrations, tools and customizations on top of Owncast with the 3rd party APIs. Build chat bots or integrations with other services.

Visit the completely new Owncast web site and check it all out!

Thinking about getting really into current-era, Season 32 Simpsons

I feel like I'm lying with my avi, I've had it for over 10 years now. Any recommendations on folks taking commissions for social media avis?

I feel like this is somehow my fault for posting this, what have I done

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@kitty I presume a billion people have already sent this to you, let me be the 1,000,000,001st


Hope the guy who built Browserify returns and starts publishing a newsletter

Blessed to have access to advanced web tech like Photopea so I can create my art from anywhere

uspol shitpost 

Just heard the president has pardoned Milkshake Duck

2FA folks, I've been wanting to move my one-time passcodes off Google Authenticator for a while. What's good these days?

Best part of licensing pets online in Omaha is that it uses this loading spinner. Worth the $5 "convenience fee"


You know what barn this is pointing at.

Wrote up the process I use to green-screen my dumb self into Zwift bike races:

twitter, censorship, distributed web 

Seeing an uptick in interest in distributed/self-hosted projects, mainly from asshats who've been kicked off Twitter et al.

I don't like the idea of a few companies controlling who access the discourse, but I really don't want to lose the fediverse as "where shitheads hang out to circumvent terms of service". This sucks.

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