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@kitty I presume a billion people have already sent this to you, let me be the 1,000,000,001st


Hope the guy who built Browserify returns and starts publishing a newsletter

Blessed to have access to advanced web tech like Photopea so I can create my art from anywhere

uspol shitpost 

Just heard the president has pardoned Milkshake Duck

2FA folks, I've been wanting to move my one-time passcodes off Google Authenticator for a while. What's good these days?

Best part of licensing pets online in Omaha is that it uses this loading spinner. Worth the $5 "convenience fee"


You know what barn this is pointing at.

Wrote up the process I use to green-screen my dumb self into Zwift bike races:

twitter, censorship, distributed web 

Seeing an uptick in interest in distributed/self-hosted projects, mainly from asshats who've been kicked off Twitter et al.

I don't like the idea of a few companies controlling who access the discourse, but I really don't want to lose the fediverse as "where shitheads hang out to circumvent terms of service". This sucks.

Sold my 35mm SLR yesterday. It was bittersweet, I love shooting with it, hanging out in my high school's darkroom developing prints, even the smell of the stop bath and fixer.

I had auspices to build a home darkroom, but it never panned out, and I have too many hobbies as is.

The old adage is true: use up all your 35mm reels before going digital, because you'll never take another film shot again.

Related, I'm fully out of the Nikon ecosystem and am rocking a new Sony mirrorless. Gonna be fun!

Anyone have good experiences with photo booths at conferences, weddings, etc?

I'm looking to put one together for our (delayed) wedding reception, and starting to collect ideas and a parts list.

Any ideas you found particularly neat? I'm thinking of integrating with Twilio to send folks their photos via MMS, for example.

@nicknisi you had some fun things with your booth; how'd you handle lighting? Did you use any extra flashes, light boxes?

We just released v0.0.3 of Owncast, the self-hosted, open source live video and chat server.

It includes a lot of nice updates, the biggest is a web dashboard where you can get an overview of your stream, viewers, server configuration, and performance.

It's easier than ever to get a live stream that you control with this release! Give #owncast a shot if you're curious, you can seriously have it running in about a minute. Check it out at

A garbage disposal is just a battlebot who lives in your sink

Let's play "spot the bug", can anyone guess why I can't watch bike races today?

JavaScript apps, resilient they ain't

🎵 All in all you're just another Blart in the Mall 🎶


So uh, we may be at a point where everyone in my family I'd be visiting for the holidays has tested positive. They've all been mild cases thus far, fortunately.

Serious question: is it safe to visit them in December? I can't find good up-to-date info on this.

It appears reinfection is possible, but doesn't appear to contribute to additional transmission?

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