@deafferret Not sure I actually have a record time; I learned this strategy back in the early 00s and never tried to improve: adam.cheyer.com/rubiks.html

Mostly I use it as a fidget toy while on conference calls; half-attentive I usually solve it in about 90s

Just tried to actually speed-solve it and got 51s!

@deafferret Yup, I've been using a QiYi Warrior for a few years, but I didn't realize how much the tech has been democratized.

Adjustable tension? Magnetic positioning? Be still my heart

@deafferret am I remembering right that you have opinions on speed cubing? My cheapo cube is on its last legs, and I’m looking to get a replacement

@deafferret … which is basically a round of Werewolf

(I haven’t seen the show, but I hope they came full circle and are playing it!)

@deafferret ooh do you have some pressure cooker recipes? I’ve been in a rut lately

More covid bullshit 

@deafferret @flakoot @gabek yup, my mental model says it’ll finally “be like the flu”, some vaccine escape is expected, but vast reduction in serious cases, and manageable.

The zero hospitalizations and zero deaths for the mRNA ones is pretty phenomenal.

I’ve really been missing my bike commutes this last year.

For the last couple months, I’ve been shipping my Amazon orders to their lockers around the city, to give myself fetch quests after work.

It’s been surprisingly fun, but I’m ready to return to the office.

Anyone else get that FeedBurner email and hesitate to open it, to delay the inevitable?

re: birb site link, earworm, shitpost 

@kitty holy shit

How do you setup alarms on your phone?

I have a single alarm and just edit the time, but apparently everyone around me has dozens of entries with different times, and enables the one with the time they want, or create a new entry.


@deafferret hell yeah, I had a killer fever overnight, then felt great by noon the next day. See you at the giant rave in 2 weeks


Just found out a teammate acquired covid a couple weeks ago. It was 4 days after getting her first shot. Went bar hopping with some friends, and almost of them got infected.

Stay smart out there y’all.

@gabek I’d still trust a site built with jquery more than most “modern” JS stacks, but yeah FNBO’s website has been going downward for years.

I’m pretty sure the main feature from the redesign last year was adding 5 seconds of load time to each page

@deafferret where is this? Though it will take a lot to dethrone Salween Thai for me

@jannik I would vote for any politician whose platform was to triple the number of Aldi locations, and add a smattering of Lidl shops

Here’s a I discovered to help ensure folks keep appropriate distance at the grocery store:

I was being given a nice wide berth while at Aldi. No one was reaching past me to grab stuff, it was great.

Only after checking out did I realize I had been wearing my bike helmet inside the whole time.

@gabek That’s been on my list for a while. It looks like it hews closely in tone to BSG, am I off base in what I’ve read?

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