@kitty Ha, this is neat! Though I'm not sure the world needs another tech dude with an anime avatar 🙃

I feel like I'm lying with my avi, I've had it for over 10 years now. Any recommendations on folks taking commissions for social media avis?

I feel like this is somehow my fault for posting this, what have I done

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@gabek Yeah Changelog's network (Go Time, JS Party) are the only ones I listen to regularly.

HTTP 203 is good but you have to like the Google devrel folks. And the InfoQ Podcast has had a few good episodes.

That said, I have a hard time with tech podcasts generally and lean towards the NPR-style, so YMMV

@kitty I presume a billion people have already sent this to you, let me be the 1,000,000,001st youtu.be/TDNP-SWgn2w

@deafferret oh hey I thought I was the only outside/in subscriber! That was a great episode


Hope the guy who built Browserify returns and starts publishing a newsletter

Blessed to have access to advanced web tech like Photopea so I can create my art from anywhere

@deafferret you don’t have the fancy new garbage bins Omaha got, right? They’re RFID tagged with their associated address, so ostensibly they could verify whether it’s at the right house before collecting

uspol shitpost 

Just heard the president has pardoned Milkshake Duck

@DCLXVI thanks! I was eyeing Authy too, though I just saw this post re: a few features I'd like: dannyguo.com/blog/migrating-fr

Is it still the case that there's no browser extension support?

2FA folks, I've been wanting to move my one-time passcodes off Google Authenticator for a while. What's good these days?

Best part of licensing pets online in Omaha is that it uses this loading spinner. Worth the $5 "convenience fee"

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