@deafferret There's some Go code here: github.com/mattdsteele/advent-

Also playing with writing some GitHub Actions to automatically submit entries on commit: github.com/mattdsteele/aoc-sub

@deafferret Indeed. I'd love to find a Chromium browser that's not tainted. Brave is on their BAT crypto kick I want no part of, and Opera's morphed into a full-on predatory loan scam.

Firefox is a bastion, but it's always just a little behind feature and perf-wise, unfortunately.

@deafferret I keep trying to enable AI-assisted coding using `:set ai` but it just messes with my line indenting :(

Help me @nicknisi you're my only hope

Few things are less fun than waking up sick the morning of a bike race, and unpacking the bag you had prepped the day before.

@deafferret that said years ago I’d often hear Venezuela used as the example for where BTC would take off, as a method for remittances, or as a store of value in an inflationary bubble. Not sure it’s a success story there either

@deafferret isn’t El Salvador the big bitcoin/memelord center these days? I’ve not heard of anything happening in Venezuela either.

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