Since everyone's focused their attention here again, maybe someone can help explain why folks move their account across instances? Is it usually social (e.g. disagreement with federation/moderation policies)? Or technical (scalability)?

I like the idea conceptually, but the real-world downsides of having to rebuild your followers feels like a pretty significant practical barrier.

@mattdsteele I think it is a mix of things. Some people move because they want to have a local feed focused on their interest.

Different instances will also have different views of the federated timeline based on what their users are doing.

If you do decide to move, I believe migrating your account will bring most of the people you follow and followers though I am unclear what the limitations are on that.

I'm still fairly green in this area though, so I don't have the best answers. Sorry!

@Rasgueado That's true, my local timeline is fairly useless on a big general-purpose server.

It's possible moving has gotten better; I just recall I've seen a bunch of folks @mention me in the past telling me to follow their new account. I'll have to look into it more!

@mattdsteele because i get bored with the same people and want to try another flavor of mastodon. Ive gone through like 5 instances already. running your own is lame btw its like playing single player. also there are scripts and shit at move you for you :hotboi:

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