@deafferret am I remembering right that you have opinions on speed cubing? My cheapo cube is on its last legs, and I’m looking to get a replacement

@deafferret Yup, I've been using a QiYi Warrior for a few years, but I didn't realize how much the tech has been democratized.

Adjustable tension? Magnetic positioning? Be still my heart

@mattdsteele ya you can spend quite a lot of money for advanced magics if you want to. :) What's your solve time record?

@deafferret Not sure I actually have a record time; I learned this strategy back in the early 00s and never tried to improve:

Mostly I use it as a fidget toy while on conference calls; half-attentive I usually solve it in about 90s

Just tried to actually speed-solve it and got 51s!

@mattdsteele looks like I was using Block Keeper timer. I never got any good but it was fun to use a timer to get better (personal best)

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