Anyone have good experiences with photo booths at conferences, weddings, etc?

I'm looking to put one together for our (delayed) wedding reception, and starting to collect ideas and a parts list.

Any ideas you found particularly neat? I'm thinking of integrating with Twilio to send folks their photos via MMS, for example.

@nicknisi you had some fun things with your booth; how'd you handle lighting? Did you use any extra flashes, light boxes?

@mattdsteele I just used the flash from the dslr camera. It was set up in a pretty bright place, but I didn’t think too much of that.

I thought about using twilio too but I ended up using a cron job that would run rsync to move the images to my linode server where I had a simple express app showing all the photos where they could go download it.

@mattdsteele additionally, the pi would take 4 photos and then use imagemagick to combine them into either a grid or a column and then just save that one combined image. Finally, I hardwired a button that would cause the pi to immediately reboot in case it lost wifi (tethering to my phone). Rebooting would cause it to look for and pair again.

@nicknisi thanks! I've been using your code as a reference.

The "push button to reboot" makes sense. I don't want to relive the server issues I had on the wedding day, where I was SSHing and recompiling software 30 minutes before the ceremony...

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