After a year of waiting today's finally the day of the big match.

Cyclocross world championship. Dutch phenom MvdP versus defending Belgian title holder WvA.

Lots of weird things about Twitter but I still can't get over the trend of students dragging their school district's superintendent about declaring a snow day.

While I'm fishing for recs: what should I spend a couple audiobook credits on? Fiction or non.

iOS folks: does Overcast (or any other podcast app) preserve unplayed episode when exporting from the stock Podcasts app?

You: It's hard work but I use Babel to make my app work all the way down to Node 8.

Me, smiling:

I thought my Peanuts-themed cryptocurrency would be a surefire hit but no one wants to invest on the Blockheadchain 😕

*staring at my fridge filled with expired beer*

Will no one rid me of this meddlesome Pabst?

Proposal to rebuild all 'awesome-${tech}' GitHub lists as 'FUCK YEAH ${TECH}' Tumblrs

Had to wait for the month to roll over to test some date logic in my @FiredHuskerWatch Golang bot.

Is this what they mean when talking about slow feedback loops in compiled languages

Anyone want some fidget spinners? I bought160 to give out to trick-or-treaters, but the kiddos seem to be AWOL this year...

It's a testament to Windows Hello (and biometrics generally) that I'm more willing to fuss with my hair to login, than punch in my password.

Bought a new USB-C only laptop. Who's living that dongle life I can commiserate with

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