In about 20 minutes I'll be livestreaming some physical esports (Zwift bike racing) on my Owncast server:

Come join me!

Fuck cherry switches I’m trying to hear my keyboard a different way

Good article on the history of COBOL, and the gendered roots of its detractors.

I do wonder if there's a taxonomy of why people despise some languages. Everyone (except me) hates PHP, but its flaws are just the opposite of COBOL!

The Dewey Decimal System reserves imaginary numbers for banned books

it’s fucked up that they made the cats from cats deliver a pitch to decide which one of them would get to die. i think they should all have been allowed to die


Better finish off those hard seltzers tonight, it’s uncouth to drink White Claw after Labor Day

It's not in the top fifty things to be concerned with these days, but I sometimes wonder what competitive policy debate looks like since I graduated.

facebook, covid 

A friend today showed me the latest way misinformation is spreading on FB re: covid.

FB monitors posts on people's public groups and posts, but not in Messenger private chats. So the you end up with shit like this spreading in people's private messages.

Thanks to @jannik #owncast has a web site now! It’s much nicer to have a way to browse documentation and learn a bit more about the project than digging through the Github repo. Check it out if you have a chance!

My 10 year old NAS server finally conked out.

What’s good hardware these days to run a FreeNAS server? I was using an HP Microserver before and it treated me well.

Wife doesn’t like it when I call her my ex-girlfriend

I wrote a little about why in the world it was worth the hassle of hosting a livestream for my wedding, when Twitch/IG Live/etc are things:

A huge thanks to @gabek for helping setup the streaming infrastructure with his Owncast project. I'll be blogging about it soon!

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Hey, I'm getting married today!

You can watch a livestream on (starts at 3:30 Central)

Huh, does Mastodon really not have DMs? Not sure how I’ve been on here for years and just now noticing?

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