Me: I would like to make two GraphQL queries per hour
FaunaDB: That will be tens of thousands of read operations per day

Hey now
You’re an A*
Get your graph on
Path search 🎶

@deafferret they’ve started naming patrons on the North Omaha History Podcast again, just thought you should know!

I spent the last week building an app to better manage the privacy of my Strava activities, and wrote about my experience:

I built it as a Sinatra app atop Google Cloud Run, but it felt so much like my experiences with Heroku from a decade ago.

Are all PaaS offerings (Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, etc) just catching up to where Heroku was, with an on-prem option? I feel like I'm missing something.

‪Programmers act like they are geniuses using AI to solve the worlds problems when 99% of them are over engineering a webpage that acts as a UI for editing a database entry.‬

Folks outside Omaha: is the Nebraska news here getting out beyond the state? It feels like a defining moment here, but I can’t tell how much of a bubble I’m in

This isn’t the most important thing happening today by a long shot, but I want to show you my vegan, gluten free toilet cleaner.

I didn't watch much of The Office (US) but there was one clip I vaguely recall that I can no longer find. The way I remember it, Jim kept asking Dwight about increasing Gs for cell phone service:

J: Is 4G possible?
D: Yes, for sure.
J: 8G?
D: I believe so.
J: ... One thousand G?
D: ..... Yes.

Am I completely misremembering this?

Made a little site to generate iCal birthday calendars in Animal Crossing:

My house is still a tent.

Haven't had a reason to visit for over two decades, I'm amazed it's still got a community behind it, and that TI finally locked down those awesome devices.


ever wondered why hotdog buns are so narrow? it’s to prevent people from “double dogging”, an activity prohibited by the protestant church until 1962

*to the tune of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah*


While you were out battling crowds at Costco for toilet paper, I was heading to Ace Hardware for the really important stuff

This 100% bombed on Twitter, so I hope you enjoy it, have a great day

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Hereby referring to any technology that results in a website that lasts 20+ years as SpaceJAMStack

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