Only 1200s kids will remember paying taxes with butter

Send me Git puns for a tech talk I'm giving. So far I've got:

Getting Jiggy With Git
2 Legit 2 Git
True Git starting Jeff Bridges
Git on it, Fonzie

JavaScript language specs started out as semver-convention (ES5, ES6) and moved to year-convention (ES2017, ES2018)

Or as I like to call it, Reverse Madden Versioning.

Paris-Roubaix was the shit even with Wout van Aert’s woes

A Star Wars Story movie about the power converters at Tosche Station that Luke never picked up

[ME]: *bicycling thru the carwash* "I HAVE JUST AS MUCH A RIGHT TO BE HERE AS THE CARS DO!!!"

Smugly referring to all code not formatted by Prettier as St Louis Style

The iOS 12.2 update killed the Instagram PWA; it never maintains my session :(

Mostly this was an excuse to build something in Go on GCP, neither of which I know much about. Mostly it was a good time; I'll be talking about it at @omaha_go's next meetup

This could be setup for Mastodon too, but I don't have 11 years of cruft here just yet, so Phase II etc etc.

In an ideal world this would just be a rule you could configure on your account; something like "After 30 days mark all toots as Private". Cmon Eugen make it happen

Made an app to delete your old Tweets and store them in a private database:

the "rr" in george rr martin stands for railroad because his parents knew he would grow up to look like a train conductor

TIL your infinitely scalable Serverless architecture don't mean squat if Foursquare rate limits you to 950 calls per day.

Finds the closest pizza place and points you to it.

I don't know why I built it either.

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