Omaha: I just took a tour of WP Engine, Barcamp is going to be awesome! If you haven't bought your tickets yet please do, it helps us plan catering etc. :)

Rebuilt a race calculator for this year's Gravel Worlds. Accounting for stopped time at checkpoints was a humbling experience; the 80-ish lines of procedural code to calculate ETAs took me about 4 hours to write.

Pretty happy to write it with a test-driven workflow; there aren't that many opportunities in "real world" coding for the "known input = expected output" algorithm implementation that this afforded. I don't know if there's a bigger gap between the enjoyment I get writing some categories of code with TDD, and the frustration I get testing other codebases

Pride AND Prejudice
Pride NOT Prejudice
Pride OR Prejudice
Pride XOR Prejudice

if communism's so good how come 'right' means 'correct' and 'left' is what my wife did

*in this toot I am part of a Van Halen parody band that exclusively sings about outdated electric vehicle charging technologies*

🎵 CHAdeMO 🎵

In honor of Le Tour, gonna watch the little known sequel

Air Bud: In The Paw-Lawton

I wasn't expecting a Games Done Quick Zelda speedrun to leave me in tears, but here we are.

When a very specific number of bluejays arrives at your birdfeeder......... that's Corvid-19

Imagine you click the "Toot!" button, and suddenly Megalovania starts playing

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