Aside from the actual songs from the show, the tracks on Hey Duggee Greatest Woofs wouldnt sound out of place on a @cassetteboy album

This week I am joining .
Although I am leaving the sector in the new year, I'd like returning in the future to remain an option. If pay and pensions continue to be eroded, it wouldn't be.

Resurrected my Joggler/OpenFrame (again) as a music player for my desk. Thanks @birdslikewires for the Ubuntu 18.04 image!

I have done all my PC gaming on Linux for over 10 years. Great to see this blog series from Canonical, getting started with Steam on Ubuntu is a breeze.

As my little one is approaching that age, yesterday I flicked through "potty training in one week", which includes this zinger of advice for the modern parent:

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Ubuntu 21.10 is out now!

To celebrate this wonderful event, Impish Indri decided to pose a few more hours for us.
Impish Indri - Wallpaper - 1920x1080px

Many thanks to the Ubuntu team for their hard work 💙.
#art #illustration #mastoart

RIP Willie Garson. Thanks for Wormhole X-Treme!

@boilingsteam @rysiek That sounds like the same model RedHat uses? You cant distribute RHEL with their branding, you have to call it something else.

@boilingsteam @rysiek This appears to misunderstand the value of trademarks to FOSS projects. Elementary weren't trying to stop people modifying and distributing GPL code, they were trying to stop people modifying Elementary OS *and still calling it Elementary OS*, thus negatively affecting their brand/reputation.

@rysiek The only one I've used is Jest, because it was used in an AWS Lambda example. Easy to pick up, did the job.

Gosh, a shortage of summer essentials? Will we have to go without sun cream? Food? Water? No... picnic baskets. The horror.

My podcast comrades and I are taking part in FOSS Talk Live again. This year we'll be streaming online, so you can join in even if you cant make it to London! We'll be Live in Five (days)

@publius @rysiek I'm assuming it's for Chromium which is now packaged as a snap, to save you ending up with either a missing or broken app post-upgrade

@khaos_farbauti @dajbelshaw @TattooedMuppet I guess you could call that name a tor-tology

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