FYI, my for baseimages. If any smaller exist (which is possible because I refuse to remove tools like ) let me know, please.

I am currently reading RFC 8188 to learn if this is something worth implementing in any software of mine or OSS I contribute.

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I was thinking about a content auto expire feature for mastodon, and I would love people's feedback

Intriguing new approach to Twitter and Mastodon: Scuttlebutt (»ssb«):

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Here's my prediction for mastodon:

* wave of new users, most will go back to twitter
* enough will stay to keep things interesting and development will proceed apace.
* Valid feedback will be iterated on. instance-independent Identity, federated search, instance migration, performance tuning and bug fixes, etc.
* As it matures, it will grow.

Ultimately, a focus on keeping the community welcoming and easing the barriers to adoption will pay off.

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@mark @Pixxella I'm happy to see a whole range of expression, from toots to blogs to 1-sheet folded paper zines

There's a conflict between recommending »don't plug in USB sticks of unknown provenance« (use CD/DVD to share files) and offering Fido U2F sticks.

Hɪɢʜ-Cʟᴀss Tʀᴏʟʟɪɴɢ: When you consider every word and sentence to craft a beautiful expert testimony, set it in TeX, and submit it. — Only to get a response by telefax from court to please submit the conclusion only, written in MS Word and Arial 12pt.


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