Happy Monday everyone!

(white-throated laughingthrush)

animal death 

This is from when we discovered the otter island.

Pollinate your orchids at full moon and high tide

Just got these as a present for St Nicolaus from an anonymous person, so I don't know what they are for. Anybody have a clue??

Really happy with the two shows we played this weekend. This is from the one in Zwolle:


Since last Friday, a church in The Hague is organizing a 24/7 church service to provide safety to an Armenian family with children that the government wants to extradite.

Dutch law states that during a church service people cannot be arrested and the government can't do anything.

Clerics from all over the country have come to hold a sermon.

(Dutch:) volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergro

We're going to join the service and perform some music next Wednesday night.

Saw this today: two yellow bins on the side of a street, one with “yes” and one with “no” written on it, underneath a sign saying: “more windmills in [Dutch province] Brabant?” The “yes”-bin is completely full, the other looks empty.

A cougar (mountain lion) chasing a coyote, seen on a wildlife camera in Alberta, Canada, by @frnkvdmr@twitter.com

Today we played in Paradiso Amsterdam.

We managed to make the notoriously loud Amsterdam audience listen in complete silence for the whole set.

Tonight we're going to WAD, a documentary about the Waddenzee, the Dutch tidal flats.

I hope the music will be a bit better than in the trailer, but the images are incredible:


Scene report: tonight will be the first show of the tour

One of the more upsetting things I found while reading the book is that this exists

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