Hi all! Is everybody ready for the big influx from the birdsite?

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A long sought after recording - Duet of legendary musicians Pt Mallikarjun Mansur & Vidwan Doreswamy Iyengar

Happy Monday everyone!

(white-throated laughingthrush)


If you're interested: the tape is only 6 euros plus shipping

(not affiliated with artist or label, honestly)

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animal death 

Two weeks ago, we helped rescue an injured juvenile swan, which led to the incredible picture below.

Yesterday, the local bird shelter told us that the bird had died not long after the ambulance brought it there. It had probably been hit by traffic and its sternum was broken.

RIP young swan

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Listening to new Lana del Rey in the basement so gf doesn't know

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About 3am New Year's Day, a man in a town some 50km away shot a flare from his back garden in lieu of a firework. The fire drifted towards the mountain, landed in the dry summer grass, and started a fire that's still burning today and has traveled to a point on the mountain about 3km away from our town. Along the way, it's burned through a national botanical reserve.

We went for a walk this evening, and drove past the beach at sunset, with the smoke blowing in front of the sun. #photography

I wish had a feature that helps you find users with comparable taste.

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From last night, the Rosette Nebula. Only luminance. Total of 9 minutes integration.

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Image from page 230 of "Annual report of the Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture of the State of Michigan .." (1862-)


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Driving through town today, stopped at a traffic light and a FREAKING HUGE HARRIER HAWK swooped down and landed on top of a building. I was on my way to the nature reserve to meet friends for walking so I had my good camera on me :D

#Photography #Birbs

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