Kerbal Space Program has ruined my ability to enjoy pretty much any sci fi involving orbital dynamics or space flight.

i.e. Anything except The Martian, or The Expanse level of accuracy

And Thunderbirds - you don't stop something falling out of orbit by *slowing it down* 🤦‍♂️

Maybe if the late 21st century had better health and safety standards, there wouldn't need to be Thunderbirds doing International Rescue missions

Am I engaging with enough on mastodon? I just feel I should engage with more. I was doing Twitter wrong because wasn't engaging with as much as I was supposed to and Jack said I was a bad consumer. Maybe I could engage with ?

So I setup mastodon and reinstalled World of Warcraft today. One of these may be a poor life choice

aphyr's tech interview posts are hilarious. Doubly so if you've ever needed to mess around with Java VM classloaders. 😆

not sure how I feel about animated gif avatars


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