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“What the hell is that?!?”

“Oh,” I say, patting the barrel, “that’s my retirement myrrh”

“My body is a temple”

*I say, covered in blood and burnt offal, myrrh pouring from my pockets*

Meanwhile, the administration has pushed for legal immigration from those with high incomes, private health insurance; prioritizing those who are financially self-sufficient, educated, highly skilled + speak English, while also baring those who need access to welfare programs.

My wife challenged me to make my entry with a Stabilo Boss (you know, these flashy highlighters).
Done in about 4 minutes, and well....quite ok with what i came up with.

1) I will block you if it's unclear that you are not conservative or alt-right.

2) I will also block you if it's clear that you just followed me to troll me.

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how easily and thoroughly you can be tracked is metametadata

So I am doing a sleep study tonight and I'm 99% likely to get re-diagnosed with sleep apnea (It's basically a confirmation study)

So if anyone uses/has used a CPAP, advice/what to expect would be appreciated!

I feel like She-Ra is actually a bottom.

have you ever looked at my posts and thought "what the fuck are they doing"

Does anyone know anything about the Arbeitsstättenverordnung in Germany and doing away with cis-sexist toilets at work? My office is full of people who want to support nonbinary people and also follow the laws.

[insert product that will have millions of people trying to access it on release day] isn't working on release day and millions of people are upset they can't watch Disney+ RIGHT NOW. NOW DADDY I HAVE TO WATCH IT NOWWW!!!

can we please put an end to this infantile instant gratification bullshit?

@_ oh thank goodness. normalize (soft) lewd culture.

just gonna listen to Roygbiv and those warm bass synth tones over and over. i hope that some day i can afford to go back to the place this track always takes me to.

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