I was briefly featured on a Vice documentary about smuggling contraband neopronouns into the US from various global distributors

if you want to watch a movie about striking and fighting strike breakers, watch Damnation on netflix.

For three weeks, @moms4housing has occupied a vacant house owned by Wedgewood, a Redondo Beach investment company known for flipping houses. Now, they are being threatened with eviction on December 17th, as the #Oakland community mobilizes to support them. itsgoingdown.org/oakland-readi

The charges were laid after a nine-month investigation into a complaint against the officer. bit.ly/2PexuLX

Hey; if you're in the UK and have disabled or poor friends, take a minute tomorrow to reach out to them, maybe plan something nice in the next few weeks? Friday could be one of the worst days of their life, make sure they have things to look forward to and, if you feel able, give them someone to talk to.

Jack Dorsey/Twitter aiming to copy Mastodon is functional proof that alternatives to social media platforms which are "too big to fail" can work, are feasible, and put pressure on large organizations. That doesn't mean the alternative is always good (ex. Pleroma, the wealth of god-awful instances), but it does mean that these things have a broader impact.

tell a bunch of tiny animal people what to do, call that micromanagement.

Grumbly about unpaid labour in my field 

Grumbly about unpaid labour in my field 

transphobic that my gf has to be at work rn instead of here with me cuddling

@lyliawisteria @interneteh an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. But you don't have to take my word for it!


"strike me down and i will give the boy a library card!"

Obi Wan really never made good on that whole "strike me down and I'll become more powerful than you could possibly imagine" thing

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