PSA: water is H2O, it has a pretty fixed pH value. so does your body. if you were to somehow make your blood "more alkaline" you would almost instantly die

"alkaline water" is just water. it has no effects that regular water doesn't have. also it is not even alkaline. even if it was, it would not make your body more alkaline to drink it. that is not how pH works. stay hydrated but don't buy that shit

@applebaps i was amazed at how such a ridiculous thing could be on a store shelf, but i guess pharmacies in canada aren't banned from selling other kinds of water that have some kind of hippie woo attached to them,

@lyliawisteria i mean, to be fair to the pharmacy, it's just water lol. if it gets people to hydrate and makes the store money then Welp,

but like, wow don't buy alkaline water go drink cheaper water lol


@applebaps i'm talking about homeopathic bullshit. i'm sure the same people are buying "alkaline" water.

@lyliawisteria yeah i lump it all together, cause i mean, homeopathic remedies are also just water

stay hydrated, hippies

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