say it with me, don't be afraid:

all white people are racist!

until white people no longer benefit from white supremacy in any way, this will always be true. you're not special because you do that thing. if you did it expecting a cookie or a gold star, you're doing it wrong.

it's not good enough to just be "not racist", we need to be anti-racist! we have to dismantle the power structure that allows white supremacy to live.

-- a fellow white person

@lyliawisteria It goes every way. Black people are racist. Asian people are racist. White people are racist. It depends on context and location.

@lyliawisteria While it's good to be anti-racist, the "privilege" of being unaware of persecution is a curse of ignorance, inflicted upon people by our true enemy: propagandists. I know it feels good to guilt yourself for having stuff others don't, but if you're trying to understand, if you care that people are suffering, then it's not your fault.

@cy the only reason white people have things that others don't is because of white supremacy. the point is not to feel guilty about this, but to acknowledge the damage caused and put our bodies on the line to prevent more of it happening while those who are oppressed do the work of liberating themselves.

@lyliawisteria There are a lot more poor white people than rich ones. The situation is more complex than just us vs. them. To acknowledge that evil was caused merely by being white is to dismiss many important details. It'd be like acknowledging that all restaurant food is bad. It is, and it isn't, depending on many complex factors.

@cy none of what you're saying makes any sense and sounds pretty racist.

@lyliawisteria are you trying to take over the world or what nah I'm not following someone with a cowboy hat

@machi not a boy, don't own any ponies, and that's beach hat. anything else or shall i send you on your way?

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