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can an enby have some money for some weed for sleep and ptsd?

plzkthx. i'm broke all the time and it's not my fault. i hate living like this but i have no choice.

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please help if you can spare monies 

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don't be dishonest or disingenuous with me. my bullshit detector is finely tuned for that and it'll get you blocked.

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say it with me, don't be afraid:

all white people are racist!

until white people no longer benefit from white supremacy in any way, this will always be true. you're not special because you do that thing. if you did it expecting a cookie or a gold star, you're doing it wrong.

it's not good enough to just be "not racist", we need to be anti-racist! we have to dismantle the power structure that allows white supremacy to live.

-- a fellow white person

If you put curly braces in your programming language, it goes faster

if you think overpopulation is a legitimate concern come here so i can debate you

does any instance with a code of conduct have an outlined reconciliation and reintegration procedure?

Tf does Anna mean PV federates with "serial rapist". Took too much cocaine lately?

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The biggest threat to our privacy online is third-party trackers’ slow, steady, relentless accumulation of relatively mundane data points about how we live our lives.

Remember, if all those in militaries are given a large dose of LSD, peace happens almost immediately:

So, #DropAcidNotBombs.

american culture is everyone acting like its normal for school children to take a national loyalty oath first thing every morning

EU expresses "concern" for Turkish troops deployment to Libya 



💿 there's no valid reason to indent with spaces and a dozen valid reasons to use tabs 🚫 @

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