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don't be dishonest or disingenuous with me. my bullshit detector is finely tuned for that and it'll get you blocked.

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say it with me, don't be afraid:

all white people are racist!

until white people no longer benefit from white supremacy in any way, this will always be true. you're not special because you do that thing. if you did it expecting a cookie or a gold star, you're doing it wrong.

it's not good enough to just be "not racist", we need to be anti-racist! we have to dismantle the power structure that allows white supremacy to live.

-- a fellow white person

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if you are a fan of nuttgodd, you are no friend of mine. you will be blocked. i will find out. rape apologists deserve no platform.

It's Juneteenth! Lesser known African American history /7 Show more

I hate this fuckin Youtube ad that begins with "plastics. Our most dangerous addiction." Yeah I'm addicted to making plastics with all those polyethylene factories I own and control.

Canadians may be feeling a price pinch as inflation rose to 2.4% in May from the same time one year ago, the biggest increase since October 2018.

Friendly reminder that it is ILLEGAL to have a crush on Deme.

If you have broken this law please come forward for appropriate punishyeen uwu

@starwall @deltaidea :bunrainbow:​ I'm magic bun, type things with my thinks and not my paws, cuz typing with paws is hard. just ask @monorail

*kicks down your door* you're a squid now ur a wonderful gay :blobcat:​

Seed: 0.6182169548588579

people are still using OkCupid? last time i looked, they seemed to be in the process of making the site unusable to those who don't pay.

tomato flowers, right? actually this is ground cherry, which looks and smells almost identical to the tomato plant. the fruit will look like tomatillos, but smaller

Feral cat update.


Yeah, she's sitting outside, right now. I went out to offer her some water and she hissed at me.

Went back in, got Dog, came back out, and she became all friendly again. She really only loves Dog.

She'll make her way back home again, or I'll take her home later this evening.

.... cats. I tell ya.

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