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the price of food has gone up, the bills are coming in, and i'm broke again.

i live on fixed disability income, and it's about half of what it costs to live through a month in 2019 in Ontario.

please help if you can, and always boost!

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i could use some money for food to make it to the end of the month. any amount helps.

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don't be dishonest or disingenuous with me. my bullshit detector is finely tuned for that and it'll get you blocked.

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say it with me, don't be afraid:

all white people are racist!

until white people no longer benefit from white supremacy in any way, this will always be true. you're not special because you do that thing. if you did it expecting a cookie or a gold star, you're doing it wrong.

it's not good enough to just be "not racist", we need to be anti-racist! we have to dismantle the power structure that allows white supremacy to live.

-- a fellow white person

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if you are a fan of nuttgodd, you are no friend of mine. you will be blocked. i will find out. rape apologists deserve no platform.

they're not putting me in smash but i might get to make a mario kart appearance

Good new is the Democrats don't recognize Earth Strike means theres a chance we will survive the next 30 years ...and heres my cat building a shelter

The thing about hierarchies is that you just have to aim upwards to hit the enemy.

In case you missed it, Glimpse is a fork of the excellent photo editor GIMP:

You can follow Glimpse on here:


The name is changed for those who find "Gimp" problematic/offensive, and there are plans to tweak the interface too 👍

There's a good article discussing the project on The Register:

#GIMP #Glimpse #FLOSS

@mirzaba neopets is crumbling and many blame it on scientology business management

how can i call myself a hacker if i don't even have a kali linux usb drive on me at all times

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Who wants to help me write a botnet to basically do a search for shows that don't exist but should

my theory is that if you spam Netflix's search with a show that doesn't exist, they'll make it to meet perceived demand.

anyway since I'm heading the project our first show is "Samurai Pizza Cats'

l can't take my eyes of you 

gaming fucking sucks but it's all we've got

i like girls
i am girls
now how to like myself... hmm...

gokus first name was john. everyone just called him by his last name

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