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Header image is a piece my wife commissioned from
I'm the fox, and she's the goat uwu

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Hi, I'm Lucca, an autistic, gay, trans foxy girl who studies software development. I love my partners, and I hate capitalism. :lesbian_flag_: :transgender_flag:

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i made kimchi fried rice for breakfast :3

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Great thing about finally having found an internship is, I don't have to stress over learning that one skill or technology all these other internships are asking for before this arbitrary deadline set by my school - i can just study the shit i wanna study at my own pace again

dear diary
this weekend i wrote vanilla javascript and didn't hate it

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Me: 🥺🥵🥰

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so this culminated in me crying a whole bunch before smoking weed to calm myself down

why is my brain like this ._.

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i am once again getting stressed out over internship hunting

like, i can feel it, physically, in my body as soon as i start looking at internships

putting a vertical red line in my code editors at column 80 as a warning sign: "no further than this."

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nfts are actually very intuitive and simple, let's say you're one of those millionaire fucks trying to store money as Art (abstract resource) to avoid taxes,

i am sure this talk makes some great points about Domain-Driven Design in software, but the case used as an example, is a system the speaker worked on that manages the process of putting kids in prison. there's THAT.

The continued human rights abuses in Qatar causing thousands of deaths among construction workers who are building stadiums for the World Cup, has finally culminated in our national football association sending FIFA a strongly worded letter.

we built an algorithm so we can discriminate EVEN FASTER

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impressed by the speed at which my internship application was rejected.
<24hr response time!
3/10, the IQ-test was gross.

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