Found a giant slime mold on my walk home from campus tonight.

I just remembered that I made a Lego ohmu ages ago, and as luck would have it, it's still around! They really are the cutest giant arthropods.

This was a whole weekend task, rather than just , but I spent a few afternoons out clearing the invasive honeysuckle bushes from our backyard. We got a grant from a local nonprofit for planting native species, so the next task is to get a bunch of native berry bushes and put them in along the fence.

I also had a few bags of potatoes that had sprouted and a pile of old leaves, so I figured I'd give the Ruth Stout method a try. With any luck we'll have a nice crop by the end of the summer.

Studying over spring break to become a social ecologist permacultural farmer.

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I had pants with holes in need of repair. I had iron on patches. I didn't have a clothes iron, but I did have a cracked cast iron skillet.

Apparently denim turns greenish if you get it too hot. Apart from that, things went decently well. 7/10 would repurpose broken cookware again.

Between the repair aspect and the repurposing of old tools for new uses, I'd say this counts for

Okay, I'm honestly a little scared at how quickly they're growing. I may be in over my head here.

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My favorite part of winter is the formation of sneckdowns. These piles of snow illustrate just how much space is unnecesarily wasted on cars. Everything covered by snow here could be reclaimed for pedestrians, bikes, planters, etc. without affecting vehicular traffic much.

A potato in an overlooked drawer started sprouting, so now I have a rad-as-hell potato pal.

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