Gardening and DIY are important not just because it gives people more independence and saves them money, but because it de-alienates them from their labor. There are few types of propaganda more potent than excitedly checking your peppers several times a day and thinking to yourself, "what if all work was this fulfilling"


@socalledunitedstates I feel this. I've spent this past weekend baking sourdough for the first time and it is unbelievably fulfilling to be able to take a bite of delicious-ass bread and say "I did this." I also have some basil plants I started from cuttings (inspired by a video you shared, I think), and it makes me so proud to nurture my beautiful plant children.

@lordofthesquids I get excited about dirt. I count down the days until I can get it, checking on it all the while, and then when I have it I just look at it for a while. Because it's dirt that *I* made with my composter

If attachment to my work can make me care about *dirt*, just imagine if everything was like that!

@socalledunitedstates Oh man, compost is great. Hardest thing about moving into an apartment this year is the lack of composting. At home, we have a conpost heap out in the back yard where we throw any and all vegetable material, so now I feel guilty every time I have to throw out any food scraps. I really ought to set up bokashi and vermiculture bins or something.

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