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That feel when music causes the little hairs on your meatsuit to stand up.

N-No! *You're* the one who set a font sample as your desktop background.

Ahhhhh~ Don't look at me like that Xenois! (*ノωノ)

* shudders *
I nearly got nerdsniped.

Anyways, have a beautiful slab-serif typeface.

If you converse with @jordyd it basically becomes an endless fav-toot-a-thon.

That feel when someone says something ridiculous and you can't tell if they are joking.

If joke then okay whatever...
But if not...
running away...

* resists making joke on someone's three month old pinned toot *

It's me, the height of restraint and adulting. Very maturity. Such thoughtful. Wow.

You ever read a take so bad you feel dirty afterwards?

* sees cool post *
* favorite post *
Neat, lets check out what else this person has to say!
* sees they are a raging trash pile on any other topic *
* unfavorite post *

* opens weather radar *
* crawls inside bunker *
* checks radar again *
* seals bunker doors *


Will I fall asleep or finish this cuppa tea first?

* arm gets itchy and red *
what are you doing arm?!
* hives start breaking out *
Stop! Cease! desist! DMCA! WTFBBQ!

Why are you so beautiful, Moka?


Ahh, leg asleep from sitting on it.
t i n g l e s

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