In which Moka the sealpoint Siamese cat wears a fuzzy "hat". Show more

Time is perfectly fine. No Timestreams have crossed. You have not slipped into a neighboring stream. Everything is a-ok.

Moka! He was on the couch behind my head, hanging out.

Cat wants snacc.
Cat already had snacc.
No snacc for cat.

Ahhhhh~ Don't look at me like that Xenois! (*ノωノ)

Pareidolia, eye contact? Show more

It is done!
So, it was nice knowing you lovely people, but I shall be "gone with the wind" for the next few decades. But I believe in your powerful souls and you'll be fine!

About to type into a text box on the interwebs when I read the greyed-out placeholder text:

"why not be mean, anonymously, on the internet"


No! I don't wanna!

OMG Intel doesn't use pins on their CPUs anymore? Cool!

I went with AMD for this build... But dem flat "pins" :3

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