Hi, I'm some absolutely batshit demon with too many names and a smattering of interests.

Mostly nerdy shit, like battletech (megamek good.), backyard chemistry (working on getting back into fireworks), weird spirituality, and Hot Tech Takes. I'd list stuff like flow arts and motorcycles as not nerdy, but lets be fucking honest here.

I'm crazy, I post and relay porn, and sometimes talk about drug use. Expect a lot of sad and lewd pings.

#introductions (I needed to make one for a pin <_<)


@IrisKalmia So… are you excited for the BattleTech computer game that releasing on the 24th? :o

@lopsigon Yes! I intend to wait for it to hit and waiting for release reviews and grabbing it if it's good

@IrisKalmia I'm torn~ I've watched a bunch of pre-release gameplay from streamers this past month and I'm so friggin' tempted to get it on release.

Patience, where art thou?

@lopsigon My trick is to barely pay attention! I heard of it like maybe a month ago >_>

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