The Windows software landscape is an endless field of malware/adware/spyware.

If it's not open source and open licensed, et cetera... with the source posted online... I feel like it's a dangerous gamble to install it.

Even software from "reputable" and "professional" companies is sometimes suspect. :/

I was away from Windows for nearly a decade... I'd forgotten it was like this. All the old memories are returning, however. :/

Right, speaking of Windows software, nomacs is the best image viewer.

Covers my minimum basics for a default image viewer:
- Minimal UI
- UI can be entirely hidden
- press C to crop
- crop is just a draggable rectangle
- crop rotates
- arrow keys to move through images in a folder
- paste from clipboard
- scroll to zoom

There are other nice-to-have features as well~ Frameless mode is sweet.

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