Desktop computer has started randomly (hard?) rebooting, so thats going to be frustrating to troubleshoot. Not even a BSOD. :/
Just BAM gone, reboot, no error message.

@InspectorCaracal [sarcasm] The greatest OS known to humankind, Windows 10.

@InspectorCaracal If thats the case surely it wouldn't reboot while I'm *typing*?
would it?

@lopsigon It freezes on me to do updates while I'm in the middle of playing GW2, so I don't see why it'd make an exception for typing. 🙄 @ M$

@lopsigon Hmm, any recent hardware installs or anything like that? I had this happen forever ago and it was faulty RAM.

@julianaito Ugh, it might be the RAM, it's supposed to be 3200 MHz, but it threw a fit when I set it to 3200 last week, so I left it at the bios default. >:(
Might have to do an RMA, or perhaps I'll try a BIOS update first.

@lopsigon BIOS update isn’t a bad idea, that was how my PC was fixed after one of the Windows 10 updates bricked it.

@lopsigon I know you said no BSODs but are there any minidumps at all?

@jackyan I'll add this to my list of things to try! Many thanks!

@lopsigon Over December and January, mine would BSOD (so not identical to yours) when Explorer tried to access an HD! Exceedingly random. Everyone theorized it was a hardware issue. They were wrong: once MS rolled out another update in early February, it settled down. But I was putting up with random crashes that no one really understood. Wrote several blog posts about it … a real saga for two months.

My soul just about half-withered reading this.

@lopsigon Not sure if it’s that relevant as I did get a BSOD message, but as far as I could tell, no one else had exactly the same problem.

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