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food, sugar 

* noms salted chocolate *
* melts *

* forgets what they're doing *
* stares off in a daze *
* wake up *
* finds themselves halfway through making tea *

That feel when tea making is muscle memory and your body auto-pilots to brewing when you're not manually controlling it.

Where's my hairband?!
* looks at wrist *
* wrist looks back *

Of course, one could pose the question and hope for the best. Deal with any misunderstandings a they come. Perhaps you'll get lucky. And you'll avoid looking like a dweeb.
┐( Β΄ Π΄ ` )β”Œ

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That feel when asking someone what ought to be an otherwise straightforward question ~isn't~ due to heaps of unspoken cultural assumptions that poison the well.

So, before you can even pose the question you have to unpack all this ~bullshit~ from society at large.

And the cognitive load/effort to do so is just... too draining... so you just... ~don't~.

rude/dirty double entendre place names 

PSA: Coskills.
* snerk *

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rude/dirty double entendre place names 

I live on Low Jobs Hill in Crook, just south of Coxhoe.

As one does.

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rude/dirty double entendre place names 

brb, setting up shop on Craven Way

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rude/dirty double entendre place names 

I liked Aspull so much I decided to move to Aspull Moor.

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rude/dirty double entendre place names 

I'm panning across a map of England and giggling.

"theydon bois"
"upper tooting"
"lower dicker"
"cocking wood"

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Still not sure how I feel about being able to go in my backyard, coo/hoot, and get the neighborhood doves to coo/hoot a call-response checkin back.

<joke>Talking to non-humans, is it ethical?</joke>

In which Moka the sealpoint Siamese cat wears a fuzzy "hat". 

Also that longsuffering patience.

Right, speaking of Windows software, nomacs is the best image viewer.


Covers my minimum basics for a default image viewer:
- Minimal UI
- UI can be entirely hidden
- press C to crop
- crop is just a draggable rectangle
- crop rotates
- arrow keys to move through images in a folder
- paste from clipboard
- scroll to zoom

There are other nice-to-have features as well~ Frameless mode is sweet.

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The Windows software landscape is an endless field of malware/adware/spyware.

If it's not open source and open licensed, et cetera... with the source posted online... I feel like it's a dangerous gamble to install it.

Even software from "reputable" and "professional" companies is sometimes suspect. :/

I was away from Windows for nearly a decade... I'd forgotten it was like this. All the old memories are returning, however. :/

These past few weeks my brain has convinced itself that "wotch" is the correct and best spelling for "watch", and I'm having trouble shaking it's conviction.

* growl noises *
* looks at stomach *
* stomach looks at me *
* old west shootout music plays *

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