Is this even legal?

(It's a larger newer SRAM replacing a faulty 4bit x 1024 chip that caused top 4bits of half of the text frame to be stuck to 0xffff. Temporary, until a replacement µUP2114LC-2 arrives.)

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@mirek wow, I had no idea dnf swap existed. Very useful.

I guess I can now stop dicking around with rpm -e as I've been doing for years, with a vague idea that I really should've been using yum shell but never bothered with it. I guess I can now be a ashamed of myself a tiny bit less.

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These "Personal Computers" that we all have to use since IBM acquired us surely look very businessy!

Too bad they tend to break once every 40 years or so.

@jwildeboer "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and be practically and morally responsible for shooting somebody and I would lose, like, 7 senators."

2021 and I still can't buy marijuana at the tobacconist.
Disappointed, to say the least.

@Conan_Kudo @opensuse
i've been tricked!
i've joined and there's just some dudes with questionable sense of humor laughing at software :(

@liw C is temporally closer to Plainkalkul than to C#, Go and Rust.

But also: Plainkalkul is closer to Cleopatra than Cleopatra is to the pyramids of Giza. Tyrannosaurus Rex is closer to Rust than to Stegosaurus.


@jwildeboer my next year plan: claim to be Jan Wildeoboer after a few beers in Delirium Cafe

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My daughter (13y) wanted a LED stripe for Christmas. Instead of something ready4use, I bought her NEOpixel stripe. Gave her Micro:bit and a few wires. She did some coding in Scratch when she was 8y but then had a long pause. I explained to her where each wire should go and guide her to the first light on. Today, it is her second day in a row she is playing with colors, buttons, linear potentiometer, etc. I am SOOO proud.

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@jwildeboer i also deleted mine years ago and feel unloved ever since

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