@lkundrak So @hellcp and I have been discussing having the NM ifcfg plugin enabled for openSUSE. What would be needed to make the rh-ifcfg plugin also support the SUSE dialect of the format?

@Conan_Kudo @hellcp Sorry, I have no idea as for either what would be the motivation for that or what are the differences between SUSE and Red Hat dialects. I'd be happy to learn though.

@lkundrak @Conan_Kudo Motivation is quite simple, openSUSE on desktop no longer uses Wicked (not to be confused with wicd) for managing connections, it turned out to be a bad idea to ship a piece of software that didn't have an applet for managing connections on desktop systems. There are quite a few differences, from what I have seen the main one is that wicked flavour of ifcfg doesn't do ifup/ifdown files in /etc/sysconfig/network (equivalent of I believe /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts in RH).

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