What you're referring to as Windows CE, is in fact, GN...

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I by no means wanna promote Parler, but the current situation around it nicely shows how with an #iPhone you are not really in control of your device.

Wanna install the Parler app? You can still install an APK from their website on #Android. On an iPhone? Sorry, no way.

IMHO you as a user should ultimately be in control of what you install on your device even when it may not be the best idea like Parler.

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Assurances from authorities in our country has an pretty upsetting development:
First "Testing capacity is sufficient."
Then "Hospital capacity is sufficient."
Now "Crematory capacity is sufficient."

U.S.: Ten o'clock postman, bring me her letter
Europe: Ten o'clock postman, bring me her A4

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Matthew, Free Software Activist and #opensource contributor, shared his GNOME story with us. In his story, he takes us back to 2003 in Dublin, where gave his first #GUADEC talk.

“Software exists to be used by real human beings. Building the best software possible means understanding how those people use software and how we can do our best to support that.”

Read Matthew’s story: gnome.org/stories/#MatthewGarr

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Hey comrade, what will it be like
On the day that we face our mortal life?

Sean Malone dead.
Fuck this year.
Really fuck it.
Is there really anything nice left.

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more excited about 2010's ingenic mips silicon than about 2020's apple silicon
at least i own the machine

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>GitHub will establish and donate $1M to a developer defense fund to help protect open source developers on GitHub from unwarranted DMCA Section 1201 takedown claims

Big shoutout to GitHub for committing to this.

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