how immature is it to chuckle at the u-boot's "fatload" command

Life Hack: Instead of buying the Ring home-drone, you can save a lot of time and effort by simply telling your spouse don't trust them and throwing your housekeys at a cop.

Nobody is here forever. Yet some people still waste the very precious and limited time on things like this:

go with the times
and get offended on someone else's behalf!

Nice to hear that Github is finally replacing the term master with billgates

A helpful perspective to keep in mind:

‘Life in authoritarian states is mostly boring and tolerable. Americans have an overly dramatic view what the end of democracy looks like. … Life under authoritarian rule in such situations looks a lot like life in a democracy. … The answer to the question “will ‘the people’ tolerate authoritarian rule?” is yes, absolutely.’

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So #Germany is having a big discussion about inviting 400 children from #MoriaCamp. In Germany per year 778000 children are born. So 89 per hour. We’re fighting about the equivalent of children born here in 4.5 hours. Ridiculous.

"Call us for pricing"

How about I call you to spout explitives into the microphone

What am I a bitter person: Whenever I search for a Git repository, both DuckDuckGo and the other search engine find GitHub mirrors and a couple of junk clones first.


Lukashenko ordered all red and white (pro-democracy) Belarus flags removed from buildings. So the people are making do... ht



I disagree !!! (!)
I know Harry Krishna in person and I have an IQ of 120.
Many people told me that.

#UnpopularOpinion - the inflation of web standards and APIs make it impossible to develop a browser from scratch. Competition is eliminated. The web is failing. It cannot be saved.

I always see some pretty nice rust cli/TUI tools, but the work of compiling those tools makes me search for other options

teaching this bad boy to record sound is turning out tricky

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