I was shocked to find out how unsafe American power plugs are. Like, literally.
How has the nation not electrocuted itself out of existence is beyond me.

Michael Meeks: "RMS is a principled old man - who seems to have been forced to step down to avoid damage to the institutions he loved: MIT & FSF. Please respect his work, and his amazing achievement and legacy."

I can't wait for our post-capitalist utopia where no one will be incentivized to be a morally decrepit piece of fucking shit

PureTryOut got the latest #phosh running in #postmarketOS . This is it running on the Nexus 5. It's currently a bit unstable but it's progress :)

To all people that are still hating systemd in 2019, first systemd is a collection of programs like in the old UNIX days, second take a look at man systemd.unit(5) for the list of options. Can your 40 years old init system do that with simple INI style config files? Regardless of Linux version?

I'm utterly disgusted by the politicians throwing insults at a sixteen year old merely because she's saying the same things scientists have been saying for decades.

I very much hope the they are mistaken at how easy is the target they chose.


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The Simpsons predicted it (AGAIN)

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I think we'd all be better off, if we allowed disagreements to be the start of a discussion instead of an end.

Or forcing anyone to resign over them, for that matter.

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