Wanted to read the GitLab article, but the dude in the picture is somehow so handsome one can't actually concentrate on the text.

deleted my facebook account, now I have no friends. pls help

♲ @Brent Toderian (BrentToderian@twitter.com): "What if #climatechange is a big hoax & we create a better world for nothing?" Solutions to our REAL problems don't have to be sacrifices.

sending some love and praise out to the #Fedora #Linux team and all the folks who work on the cockpit project (cockpit-project.org/). i am thoroughly loving the monitoring and admin functionality out of the box.

y'all folks are awesome =)

QOTD: "Open source is driven by sharing! It's great! it worked really well before bitcoin got popular."

Today is my birthday, so you're getting the last main narrative episode of chapter one of the History of #gnome a bit earlier: bassi.io/articles/2018/11/22/h

It's time to look at the birth of the @gnome Foundation, on this week's episode of The History of #gnome podcast — bassi.io/articles/2018/11/15/h

New plymouth theme for flickerfree boot https://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/19673.html "[…] I've been working on a new plymouth theme which draws a spinner over the firmware boot splash, eliminating the ugly transition […] I've built a test version of plymouth for Fedora 29, to give this a try […]"


Its nice to look back sometimes and be reminded of a great job you've done over these years - and get energized for some more. #LifeAtRedHat

Farpotschket (Yiddish): totally ruined by repeated attempts to improve.
Not sure if legit, I'm not able to look up a dictionary source. But definitely a word everyone in our industry has a use for.

Dear Santa, LEGO, LEGO, LEGO, LEGO, LEGO, LEGO and one small LEGO. Over.

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