Landlord are sure sort of ghosts :

✔️Haunts the persons who live here
✔️Innocent people have to pay
✔️Bring bad news
✔️Stay invisible when bad thing happens
✔️Should be dead but refuses to die

Then be nice to them and pay them twice the rent they charge you 👍

@newt no, i ignored, please teach me how to be nice to people, i need to know what to do next time i'll be beat by cops or ignored by landlords when half of the house i always pay for is flooded by water.

@lilov not sure how cops are in any way involved here, but the latter part of your problem is actually easy. You pick up and leave. Or at least this is what I did a couple of times. Life’s too short to live in crappy places.

@newt enlightening, thank you.
Now that you clearly stated you could find somewhere to live at guise, juste check you fckin priviledges and get out of my mentions.

@lilov when?

But seriously, this is what bothers me with people like you. You whine on the internet about how life sucks for everyone, but when somebody tells you it doesn’t necessarily have to suck, you suddenly turn on the defensive. You don’t really need to do that. Not everyone around you means you harm. And fedi is probably one of the most cozy and comfy places on the internet in this regard.

Please stop, not everyone want to know about your public humiliation fetish.

I sincerely asked you to leave my mentions, yet you are still there. Almost begging me for more spanking.

@newt "easy" lol just stop talking, you're ignoring too much things about what you're trying to talk about

@newt you're not exchanging anything, you are throwing words at others, that's definitively different

@newt i'm sad that you are thinking you're way of socializing is a good one

@newt @lilov @spacekookie

Of course its voluntary.
I mean i know a lot of people who choose to live on the streets.
Or go build their own house in the free property that is lying around.

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