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Ah vous êtes lesbiennes..? Et du coup qui fait la jolie fleur du mois de mai et qui fait le fruit sauvage ?

How to draw a mouse in Arabic 

The answer is to write the word ‘حسن’.

Start with the ح, write the س, draw a giant ن without the dot, then add the mouse's eye. Finally, trace a long tail.

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anarchist furries are stockpiling #dogecoin in an attempt to manipulate the market. for more info, please google furry inflation

looking for exercises that can raise my pussy's IQ

Me: Mom, I want Diablo

Mom: we already have diablo at home

Diablo at home:

Personne pas du tout classiste : "J'aime pas trop le rap surtout JuL psk c pas politisé"
JuL : "Mes potos à moi ils aiment pas l'état."

there's no difference between a centipede and a millipede. exact same animal. don't believe the lies

Kery James Avec le Coeur et la Raison

Il y a bien un occupant et un occupé,
Il y a bien un oppresseur et un opprimé : tenter de le nier c'est effacer l'histoire
Et effacer l'histoire c'est refuser qu'on la répare.
Avec le Coeur mais aussi avec la Raison.

✌️🇵🇸 vivra

Mad info activists out here like "knowledge should be free!! (food & shelter should definitely cost money though)"

You are having a passionate and engaging conversation with someone. Midway through a sentence, they stop you and say "Hold up, don't say another word. This content is too important and transformative to just say out loud to me. You've gotta post this on the internet, millions of people could see it and benefit from your wisdom."

'shh, tovaritsch. the central committee will take care of big thoughts like that for you, now'

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how will i know if the tankification has started, tovaritsch

meta: zionist instances | follow up 

So this seems to have gotten quite a response on, where in fact it seems that public discussion had begun a little before we posted this (only came across it afterwards).

Meanwhile, we haven't heard shit from, where a user found it "suspicious" for an organization to state that they were pro-Palestine.

The admin team had the time to tell us to file a report about that person the same day we brought it to their attention, but 2 days later don't seem to have found time to address the white supremacist we reported (who's still spewing zionist bullshit) or even say "we're working on it".


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meta: zionist instances. please boost 

The last week has revealed that there is a lot of support for the racist, colonialist, & imperialist state of israel on fedi. Two of the more prominent instances ones that is federated with are and (We name these instances not just because there are users supporting israeli oppression, but there is also sympathy for if not outright open support, among the mod/admin teams there.)

As the israeli state continues to slaughter Palestinians & israeli colonizers continue to engage in mob attacks on anyone they believe to be Arab or Black, it strikes us as important to fight back digitally however we can.

We would like to encourage anti-oppressive fedi - including people on those instances! - to confront zionism directly & openly in the ways they best see fit, whether that be demanding action from mod teams, confronting users spreading hasbara (zionist propaganda), educating people who "don't want to take sides", leaving the instances, or other alternatives. Colonial oppression cannot be ignored.

#FreePalestine #Palestine #Israel #BDS

I thought i was in a platonic relation with anxiety but tonight she sexted me and sent feet pics 👉👈

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