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Ah vous êtes lesbiennes..? Et du coup qui fait la jolie fleur du mois de mai et qui fait le fruit sauvage ?

IMPORTANT #fediblock

this is the trump social media network and it's reportedly running off a reskinned masto

zero tolerance policy for this instance, anyone who federates with it, anyone that has an account on it, or anyone who has friends on it.

Gaming (moba, tcg, dry strategy...) 

I'm kinda hyped for trying few new games
Gwent/Duel Link

Or maybe try hard on Super Auto Pet (🦌🐋🐑🐓🦃)

i feel rage that me and my fat friends have noticed significant differences in our medical care since drs appts went to phone during the pandemic and they can't immediately see we're fat

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When i see "Trump" mentionned i'm always like "Lmao the guy who drinks his piss ?" this is canonical, babe!

Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

Désolée si des fois je trouve pas mes mots en français et que je le dis en belge ("tu saurais" = meilleur bail)

after research i've concluded enbies only want three things:
(1) mechs
(2) chapstick
(3) to kill the president

Que Zemmour, qui essaie de se présenter comme une version intello et cultivée de Donald Trump, ne fasse pas la différence entre Attila et Gengis Khan, c'est significatif.

Mais qu'il vende ce récit selon lequel Rome aurait accueilli les Barbares pour des "raisons humanitaires", c'est aussi très significatif.


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