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Ah vous êtes lesbiennes..? Et du coup qui fait la jolie fleur du mois de mai et qui fait le fruit sauvage ?

a survival horror game that takes place inside a cartoon that is rapidly losing budget

I've been working on my impression of the ideal French Islamophobe, watch 

[Nothing because I'm dead]

Anyway trans women aren’t the only kind of trans person

*pulling out a card from my monads tarot deck and frowning as I lay down "Thanos Hog, Reversed"

once again i am reminding you that if you use the word "fren" i will ban you on the spot

Donut :

Unionizing the guys who work at the factory where they manufacture consent.

one must imagine sisyphus making relatable content

Contributing to a trend with confidence that no one has beaten me to this specific idea.

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