this is making the rounds and I'm clearly [Unidentifiable]
(tag yourself)

@mcmoots @lichen Monk with craft beer (which, let's be honest, the monk made himself :-D).

LB im definitely Skeleton thrilled by recent impulse purchase

@lichen i bought a new 3D printer and a fancy toaster oven so definitely skeleton thrilled by impulse purchases

@lichen No bagpipe rabbit? For shame. Anyway, definitely an [Unidentifiable] here. Got all the well-known traits.

@lichen don't know who I am here, but that skeleton looks phenomenal


Can I be the demon with axiety ready to kill a man ? :thonking:

@lichen @cyberpunklibrarian I‘m an unidentifiable kind of skeleton, which is wishing it was the monk.

@lichen all of them at once, except the monk & i'm not very cute :p

@lichen "Cute and ready to kill a man" is just me as a cryptid.

@lichen This week is definitely a demon with 1000 eyes week.

@lichen Somewhere between monk and skeleton depending on the day.

@lichen my recent impulse purchases have been very satisfying. I'm on a roll here

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