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yes, your AI honor, gender crimes.. I've committed them all

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Matriarch Wallu in her estate. Her bloodline traces back to the old gods, who would manipulate reality for their own inscrutable machinations—for her, suddenly materializing on a capsule in space isn't that strange. #pixelart #gamedev


"The preppers are constantly getting packages from Amazon, which they unbox and repackage and send back to Amazon."

Well, I think humanity has peaked.

NaNoGenMo project #2: Bobey Dig (Moby Dick automatically rewritten as though the narrator had a head cold). Excerpt: "Gall beigh Ishbell. Sub years ago--dever bied how laugh prejised--havig lidtle or doed buhdie id bied purs, ad tothig baudigular doed indered be ohd shore, I thoughed I would sail abough a lidtle ad see the wadrey bard ove the world."

Good nonfiction comic from The Nib (no transcript, sorry): "Decolonizing Queerness in the Philippines" -

the ducks have crossed over from the park to the fjord and are having a vacation on the beach 👀

this dating app has some interesting premises
'lo-fi, text-based dating & social app for LBTQIA+'
am curious on the implementation details now..

Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam
this Saturday 12 to 6pm
Plantage Doklaan, near the zoo

still looking for a few more volunteers

'The Body Instrumental:
A technology that claims to recognize people’s gender is becoming more widespread, with disastrous consequences.'

by Os Keyes

anyone reading 'I Hope We Choose Love: A Trans Girl's Notes from the End of the World' by Kai Cheng Thom? would recommend?

'When Binary Code Won’t Accommodate Nonbinary People:
The next frontier in gender rights is inside databases.'

By Meredith Broussard

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