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I'm not doing this again this year, but I do want to highlight one of my favorite musicians, Guayaba: "Cuban worm lizard devouring rotten fruit."


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God there's a Black hip hop beat maker who I give money to on Patreon who does *amazing* tutorials and he is like THE most positive vibes dude and in characteristic fashion he just sent out a note to his backers for his birthday today, opening with "I am so grateful to have had another year of life on earth especially in these times" and god DAMN

Anyway JFilt rules, check him out

Patreon: patreon.com/verysickbeats/post
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCEZNQgmHa
Website: howtomakeverysickbeats.com/

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The publisher of Alondra Nelson's "Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination" has made it free to read online:


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new Palberta

ALL PROCEEDS for this album will go to AMISTAD LAW PROJECT - a West-Philly based law center consisting of attorneys, activists, legal workers, former incarcerated people, and organizers who practice prison abolition and provide free and low-cost legal services to Philadelphians and people incarcerated in PA prisons. They also host regular community meetings and conversations for family and friends of incarcerated people.

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Imagery from George Floyd protests 

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Defund every police department, including university police departments #CopsOffCampus

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so, after last nights Black Lives Matter "protest" in pdx was co-opted by police collaborators and white liberals had their "kumbaya we've fixed racism and the police are nice now" parade, the police raided a local trans woman's house and arrested her on $25K bail for alleged arson. If you can, please donate to the bail fund:


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Oh No! Moment: Silvia Federici’s TERF tendencies in her new book “Beyond the Periphery of the Skin” unfolded in this review in Full Stop Magazine full-stop.net/2020/05/28/revie

Also: “Federici goes on to cast children who are not raised by their birth-mothers as lacking or broken, and compares surrogate mothers to slaves (67) …”

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If you’re wondering how the zeitgeist’s shifting, I just read a forum of middle-aged hard SF fans approvingly quoting “Whitey’s on the Moon” in response to the latest SpaceX launch.

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The Met has put some of their collection online. You can search it here:

For public domain only, turn ON the "Open Access" checkbox.

A search for "mastodon" came up empty. I tried "elephant" and got this Japanese woodblock art print.

View of the Large Imported Elephant
1863 (Bunkyo 3, 4th month)
Taguchi (Utagawa) Yoshimori
Woodblock print; ink and color on paper

#MastoArt #art #elephant

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I am here to say 

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