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hi fediverse, you could read this essay I wrote in which I try to explain why automatic writing (e.g. Breton, Fox Sisters) and computer-generated writing often resemble one another in form and use—despite the (apparent) differences in how they're authored (with particular reference to Jenna Sutela's work) serpentinegalleries.org/art-an

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I was in Lebanon meeting with the new minister of finance
he wasn't from the ruling class, I think he was from the revolution or at least pro-revolution
he was describing his economic recovery plan
it was entirely dependent on foreign aid
this disappointed me, so I asked "why do we need to become further indebted to foreign nations?"
he took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes, tired
and told me "we do not own the land which we govern"

she-ra spoilers 

omg so basically the Lord of the Light empire thing is a metaphor for white supremacism.. the colonization, the assimilation, the mining, everything adds up

71Bodies - The House
a project by trans people, half-way through, 5 chapters are out

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I live close to a business school and let me tell you, these students do not give me hope

oooh I found the source! (well, one source anyway) it's internetgarden on twitter dot com

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[Comic image of Batman striking Robin. Robin says, “Maybe everyone doesn’t want to see your plant photos.” Batman says, “YES THEY DO!!!”]

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lichens are really the most cool thing, though. like, you don't gotta choose between plants and fungi. choose lichen. thanks

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a wandering estate & a hungry guy on a floating platform— polar opposites on the "how much I dread animating their walk cycles" spectrum. #pixelart #gamedev

Norway finally waking up to the reality of the pandemics.... better late than never

europe folks, who are the best cloth mask crafters to support? any suggestions?

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