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"A revolutionary politics of self-determination must also be about recognizing and challenging systems of white supremacist capitalism and neocolonialism."

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'Bird specimens track 135 years of atmospheric black carbon and environmental policy'

'Planning itself is not inherently racist; in fact, it is central to racism’s negation. But racial capitalism asks planners to sort out who will go where, under what conditions and for whose benefit. Such actions are intrinsically coercive. Planners often describe the force underlying their work as “police power.” '

'Within the capitalist state, planners are tasked with reproducing this racist order through a series of supposedly race-neutral tools that are, in reality, anything but. The clearest examples are zoning and urban renewal, two policies whose formal raison d’être is to create rational and orderly urban landscapes; in reality, however, these tools are often used to target one racial group for exclusion or expulsion while clearing the way for another’s quality of life.'

'Planners are also responsible for maintaining the spatial dimension of racial inequalities. Capitalism is always racial— though the precise meaning and articulation of racial differentiation and domination varies and changes over time and place. In all instances, however, capitalism produces powerful racial ideologies, a set of human categories with supposedly inborn and homogeneous traits that legitimate the system’s inherent inequalities.'

4 panels from 'The Lie and How We Told It' by Tommi Parrish
(crude, depiction of pain and bleeding)

'I cannot be invited to a scene of African unhumaning and be told to recognize the complexity of the white people at that scene.'
(on academia & power)

'Why I Am Not a Maker -
When tech culture only celebrates creation, it risks ignoring those who teach, criticize, and take care of others.'
Debbie Chachra (2015)

'272,000 women and 21,000 men were sterilised in the 90’s in Peru. Thousands have claimed this happened without their consent, but until now they have been repeatedly silenced and denied justice.

After almost 20 years their voices can finally be heard through this interactive documentary, which connects a free telephone line in Peru to this website. '

'Our History Is the Future: Lakota Historian Nick Estes on Indigenous Resistance to Climate Change'

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