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I'm past thirty but yesterday I found this in a forgotten corner of a park in the dirt and had to pick it up. don't judge me.

mutismo da depressione si accompagnerebbe bene a logorrea da post-panico se non fosse per l'infima qualità del maledetto software VoIP

some good stuff:

'Our Stories, Our Knowledges'

(been lying low and moved my bookmarks/links habit elsewhere folks, won't pester these timelines so much more from now )

collection of resources on sneakernets, including lots about pigeons

just came across this: "Planetary Programmers" Show more

"Earthlink exhibition" Show more

'Climate and collapse: Only through the insurrection of civil societies will we avoid the worst '

"The Practices We Need: and Transformative Justice Part 2"
(podcast ep, How to Survive the End of the World)

art project, Mycelium Network Society Show more

Panellus stipticus, commonly known as the bitter oyster, the astringent panus, the luminescent panellus, or the stiptic fungus

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