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I spent Jan–Feb reading The Peripheral, a few short chapters on each tram ride. That book segued so smoothly into March.

three weeks ago I was holding the handle on a tram with my bare hand. horrifying

I tried to email a 15 MB video and now I'm in hell

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learning Rust again. big fan of the 'turbofish' ::<>()

"If you raise your pledge, you’ll immediately get access to as many as more patron-only posts." wow so many more

"SCP-3008-1 is a space resembling the inside of an IKEA furniture store, extending far beyond the limits of what could physically be contained within the dimensions of the retail unit."

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Dang, I love this game so much!

If you haven't played Tiny Islands by David King, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go play it as soon as you can!



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if I'm reading this right, copy and paste was invented by "a newly hired secretary"?

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sincere shoutout to the Melbourne goths keeping it real on 32°C days

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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

somehow missed that autechre released another massive album after elseq and it has tracks named "gonk steady one" and "gonk tuf hi" i need to lie down

William Gibson: "It’s a delightful thought, as I’m working, that one day this will all just be completely archaic and hokey. But it’s my job to make that take quite a while."

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