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"hey! have you got a really trivial inconvenience? well, here at INSERT NAME we've designed a ludicrously expensive gadget to help! until it breaks, or we design something even more expensive!"

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this is phenomenal: "Corporate Music - How to Compose with no Soul"

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I still can't get over how good a motto "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly" is when you're suffering from executive dysfunction or physical disabilities

Like, of course it's awesome to thoroughly clean your place once a week or biweekly but if the mere thought of it is causing you to break down, vacuuming for five minutes is so much more than doing nothing

It's the best piece of advice I got in what feels like forever

one thing I love about Adelaide is the city centre is surrounded by a ring of parks

googled "bin chicken" because I'd forgotten the proper name for them (Australian white ibis)

I'm visiting Adelaide for a few days, and taking the opportunity to try photography again

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trying this weird new thing where my avatar is actually me

I've been neglecting this spot, but I'm more active at @slisne

Lately I've been coding.

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teaching that MIDI note 60 is middle C as a reference point:

- 60? least memorable number ever
- that's like 261.32whatever Hz, what even is that
- middle?? no one has been able to afford an 88 key keyboard for centuries

teaching that MIDI note 69 is A4 as a reference point:

- 440 Hz baby, that's a tuning standard
- i'll remember it until i die
- ehuehuehuehue

"The trams have also been described by the RTBU as 'cheap as chips', following allegations that swaying and lateral forces at 'speeds above 25 km/h' were causing driver injuries."

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