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Throw chocolate and strawberry milkshakes!

Antivanilla Action

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reminder that my dating site is still up and it's free to use it

Paused a few seconds into The Bletchley Circle and saw this.

@neauoire @gaeel (btw there's a daily giveaway at the moment to celebrate Eve's 16th anniversary)

@neauoire @gaeel I've been playing it on and off recently, not doing much PVP either. exploring wormhole systems is fun.

I've been getting this traditional Turkish song stuck in my head daily since I first heard it deryayildirimandgrupsimsek.ban

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Reading 100 pages of Marxist theory immediately before arriving in Vegas is coloring my experience lol

"That itchiness I get when someone touches my phone or computer is a kind of frantic impulse to explain: I want to gloss on the content, either to laugh it off or provide its rationale. To annotate my own banal, unmemorable, totally decent exposure."

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