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first post! selfie, ec 

800+ posts over on GC before this... time to freshen things up on a new instance! How's everyone's day going? ^_^ :blobboing: Looking forward to meeting some new awesome people! :blobcatmeltlove:


oh early morning waking up into panic attacks, my old friend...

mh advice: BPD/DID 

newly exploring this, "splitting" seems to be something we've been grappling with since we were 11-12 - we have textbook examples that go back that far. any good material to read that others have found helpful relating to these topics? we are looking for further data to act as a compass in us pursuing additional truths here... candidly, looking for relief. :-(

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putting on some drum n bass while cleaning my daughter's room full of toys so it feels like a Devil May Cry boss fight

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Today, last year, I posted for the first time starting my journey into this art world I started learning how to draw anthro forms I've gained a lot along the way --

I hope to learn some more as I continue -- I also hope to try to get into some bigger projects too!

most importantly i want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who's joined me on this journey! who continues to support me by liking and interacting with my content all this time! 💕

#furry #anthro #artist #kemono

genesiskeys arrangement 

looooove this person's work - how much more hype could this theme get?

colder weather, seasonal mh stuff, motivation 

once the weather starts getting colder, anyone else find it hard to get moving? *snuggles up under the covers

difficult life lessons 

...that clarity heals anxiety; and connection heals fear

adhd, can i move yet? 

n-no? okay... :blobsad: lol *will get up and clean... eventually

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fabulatility (n)
the quality of being able to tell stories

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great tunes, obsessed 

love this youtuber's stuff so f'ing much - inspiring to an aspiring musician :D the layers, textures, functional harmonics... it gives me goosebumps!

selfie sketch! 

i want to start doing a sketch every day after work to decompress i think, i had so much fun with this!

selfie, artful, dysphoria, no ec - sketch practice? 

not sure what compelled the mood, just wanted to take a picture from an angle i usually dont see myself from. it used to cause me dysphoria, now i just feel cute xD

i wanna do a sketch of this maybe - it's compelling to me somehow compositionally; and features a kind of pensive gaze i dont wear very often (photographically anyway hehe).

also big on the hair wisps over my face, and hrt giving me my freckles back ^_^


my tummy has been in knots all day - part interpersonal worries, part work aversion; all deeply uncomfortable. 6 hours left of work, let's keep breathing...

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I went through my art and thought I'd offer a few of the pieces that are not in sketchbooks and such. Currently I have 4 of my inkdrawings from last october up in my Ko-Fi shop. :) So if you'd like an original, now's your chance!

PS: My commissions are also open, if you'd like a personal piece. 😉

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