Hey nice, awoo.space federates with octodon now! I'll probably use that as my primary/personal one and just keep this for loud/public/etc stuff.

So feel free to follow @indi for ...more ...content...? (Not that I've been posting much the last few days anyway!)

It's a Nokia 770, an "internet tablet" from the days before smartphones. Well, wide adoption of smartphones. My first phone was a Sidekick, and then I had some crappy Windows smartphones for a while, before my first iPhone.

However, this thing doesn't seem to see ANY wireless connections available, so... that's gonna be a problem. ;)

Maybe I will just play with this all day, my favorite piece of (not very) retro-tech that I found in a box the other day and just got the charger for. octodon.social/media/lyo78Oft-

Ugh, it's been so long since I worked at home that I forgot my VPN password.

...That's a reasonable excuse to not actually do the 'work' part, right? ;)

Chatting about my spiritual-path labels in one thread, and my gender/sexuality labels in another thread at the same time. This place is awesome. :purple_heart:

Fuck it. If I can give a couple bucks to Metafilter every month, I can do the same for Mastodon.

If you wanna do the same then go visit Mastodon's Patreon: patreon.com/user?u=619786

Results (so far): Lots of favs, only two actual questions, zero shittiness. Pretty decent! Thanks for being awesome, mastodoners! :purple_heart:

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Watching a video of my internet boyfriend and his other partner unpacking the new mattress they ordered. This is oddly charming. :purple_heart:

"Also editing", I remember as I find a typo in my awoo and have to delete/correct/resend it. Of course birdsite doesn't have that either...

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Hey, newbie/terminology question? Do we have a convention for commenting on boosts yet? Like 'LRT' on birdsite before we had quoting?

(Honestly quoting is like the main thing I'm missing here right now)

straight people: you /never/ see many queers hanging out with each other, that's not realistic

queers: okay but what if 40000 of us make our own gay leftist social network and also call everything toots

*considers submitting a PR to Mastodon that's just s/toot/awoo/*

Someone's probably already done that though. ;)

They all keep asking what an awoo is, but it's hard to explain other than by example. Ahem.


So could I just go "Hey I'm a weird gay enby pagan furry, ask me anything" and people would, and it would not be terrible?

Let's try it out!

It's on the bird site. Might as well bring it over here. Here's my piece on fairy stones from my site Spooky Geology spookygeology.com/fairy-stones

What is this feeling called where I'm getting favs and @s and follows from people I don't know, and it doesn't fill me with gnawing anxiety?

...I like it.

Someday I will use mastodon to post about something except mastodon, but apparently today is not that day.

So is a mastodon.social account now officially only for the cool early adopters, like having a 6-digit ICQ number? (Only 90's kids, etc...) Except twice as exclusive since there's only 40K of them?

Honestly I think it'd be a pretty great idea for them to keep it closed, it feels better if there's not one "canonical" instance.

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