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Hello small children who are following me I am pleased to announce I am a 35 year old basket case and I love you all (please don't click any lewds if ur under 18)

Hello friends and enemies I made a Good Omens fanvid
feat. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show by the Pet Shop Boys

this talk by @mako last year on how the tools of free software have been co-opted in order to create freedom for companies instead of freedom for humans did a great job of bringing together a bunch of threads I've been following recently as well as pointing out new insights and ways forward.

highly recommended if you care about ways in which software can help people and are concerned about our work being subverted.

sorry i just heard a train go by and it reminded me that I read an article that says we might be getting MORE TRAIN SErVICE such that it's actually useful.

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New job is going well, very glad that I'm doing this work (print & copy center) here in crunchy granola liberal land (Western MA) and not out in suburban Minnesota.

So i got a drone recently and it has this geofencing thing where there are restricted areas it can't fly. All of these red map points are prisons.

Other than that first day at job went pretty well, I mean i spent the whole thing doing training on a computer in the back room, but my direct supervisors seem fine and the job duties seem straightforward but interesting enough that I won't die of boredom so that's cool.

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unions, sarcasm 

Yesterday, I learned there was a plant called Kobold Gay Feather... it’s beautiful and amazing and why isn’t our mascot on here?

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